Bishop of London Sarah Mullally’s hope for the Grenfell community

‪The Bishop of London Sarah Mullaly spoke to us about her hope for the #Grenfell community a year after the disaster that destroyed the lives of so many people in the community… Read more

On the ground at Grenfell

Made the week of the fire by 9 young people: survivors, local residents, and volunteers… Read more

FULL VIDEO - Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow’s appeals to MP’s and Grenfell United

The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow appeals to members of Parliament at an event held in Speakers House… Read more

Lancaster West Estate Refurbishment Video

The first of a series of consultation events takes place on Sat Jan 27th at Kensington Leisure Centre 11am – 4pm on the refurbishment of the Lancaster West estate… Read more

Grenfell bereaved families Appeal to PM

#Grenfell bereaved families and survivor call on the Prime Minister to build trust and avoid the Inquiry becoming a whitewash… Read more

Grenfell Speaks to Zeyad Cred about the Grenfell silent march

Grenfell Speaks to Zeyad Cred about the Grenfell silent march and the importance of keeping this growing movement going on the 14th of every month… Read more

Grenfell Tower Tragedy Silent Walk October 14th

The Grenfell Tower silent march on October 14th was the biggest yet…. Read more

Grenfell Speaks to Ferdy Unger-Hamilton (President of Columbia Records UK)

“The Grenfell Tower tragedy is an example of a wider problem in society” … Read more